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Over the years, BAMS has continued its commitment to helping the community financially. To date, we have donated over $11,250 to the following causes:

2007$200City of Boerne Animal Shelter
2013$100Kendall County EMS
2014$430Kendall County Partners for Parks
2015$605Kendall County Animal Shelter (plus 350 lbs of animal food)
2016$1,070Sam's Kids
2017$1,800Patrick Heath Library in Boerne
2017$730Hurricane relief for Seadrift, TX ($230 from individual members)
2018$1,250Hill Country Daily Bread
2021$1,750Kendall County Animal Shelter
2022$2,000Kendall County Women's Shelter
2023$1,018Kendall County Women's Shelter (Note: Includes a matching contribution)

In addition, BAMS' members have contributed thousands of manhours in workshops, demonstrations, STEM programs,
and in other partnerships with Boerne youth groups, schools, libraries, and other organizations.