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BAMS has been fortunate to have had the following members serve as officers and provide great leadership over the years:

YearPresidentVice-PresidentSecretaryTreasurer*Safety Officer
2022Bob WeissMike ShipmanLarry GolandJeff CookJohn Carman
2021Bob WeissMike ShipmanLarry GolandJeff CookJohn Carman
2020Frank PickartLee RutherfordLarry GolandJeff CookJohn Carman
2019Lee RutherfordTom Murray/Bob GoldenLarry GolandFrank PickartJohn Carman
2018Les FreundLee RutherfordMike ShipmanFrank PickartEldon Harris
2017Les FreundLee RutherfordChris ReedFrank PickartEldon Harris
2016George SheffieldTom MurrayRon RoyerFrank PickartRoger Tinder
2015George SheffieldRoger SchrankRon RoyerFrank PickartBob Weiss
2014Wayne CrawfordTim SmithFrank PickartBob Weiss
2013Wayne CrawfordTim SmithFrank PickartBob Weiss
2012Chris TompkinsJeff CookFrank PickartBob Weiss
2011Chris TompkinsJeff CookFrank PickartGeorge Sheffield
2010Ernie EastwoodSidney HippChris TompkinsBob Weiss
2009Ernie EastwoodSidney HippChris TompkinsSidney Hipp
2008Ron RoyerAlton GorbettErnie EastwoodSidney Hipp
2007Ron RoyerGeorge SheffieldErnie Eastwood
2006John RheinerRoger TinderBob Rogers
2005John RheinerRoger TinderBob Rogers
2004John RheinerRoger TinderBob RogersTom Weber
2003Brian ChristalMarc O'BrianBob RogersTom Weber
2002Brian ChristalMarc O'BrianJo Ann PalmerGeorge Sheffield
2001Gary RockeyJoe PeeryJo Ann PalmerGeorge Sheffield
2000Dan GriffinJim CaldwellPhil UminoRon RoyerGeorge Sheffield
1999Dan GriffinMarvin HuffPhil UminoRon Royer
1998Marvin HuffWayne YoungPhil UminoTroy Hall
1997Ron RoyerTroy Hall
1996Ron RoyerTroy Hall

*Notes - BAMS' Secretary acted as Treasurer in those years where no Treasurer is listed. Blank entries (except for Treasurer) indicate records are not available.