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BAMS History and Archives 2022 *** Under Construction *** 2021 The year opened with 45 members and $5,500 in the treasury. Some new officers were installed: Bob Weiss-Pres, Mike Shipman-VP, Larry Goland-Sec, Jeff Cook-Treas, and John Carman-SO. In response to the interests of some of the new members, flight rules for helicopters were adopted. Since our old mowers had reached the end of their life, a new Cub Cadet 50 mower was purchased and is keeping the field looking manicured. Due to the determination of our Secretary, BAMS was awarded a flying site grant of over $1,300 by the AMA. New construction included a pavilion at the U-Control circle (using some generous donations by several members) and various maintenance activities. BAMS hosted one of the events in the worldwide Ringmaster Fly-A-Thon on October 3rd. Finally, the Fall Fun Fly was very successful, resulting in a $1,000 donation to the Kendall County Animal Shelter. 2020 The BAMS Board of Directors met January 4, 2020. The new officers (Frank Pickart-Pres, Lee Rutherford-VP, Larry Goland-Sec, Jeff Cook-Treas, John Carman-SO) were acknowledged and changes to the Constitution and Bylaws were adopted. At the start of the year, there were 58 members and about $6,500 in the club treasury. During the year, BAMS added a porta-potty and a grass runway parallel to the main runway. The AMA confirmed that BAMS is a continuing Gold Leader Club. The primary runway was reoriented (after significant member donations to defray the expenses), and hosted the The Fall Fun Fly on October 3, 2020. BAMS and the Tri-City Flyers club jointly purchased an AMA brick to honor deceased BAMS founding member George Sheffield. The brick will be placed at the National AMA Flying Site in Muncie, IN. 2019 In May, BAMS participated in the Boerne Heath Library's STEM day with many aeronautical activities. We also put on displays and activities at the Boerne Family Fair - attracting quite a bit of interest and handing out over 100 combo flyers. Bowing to inflation and increased operating costs, annual dues were raised to $60 - still the lowest in the area. Relocation of the west fence, rolling the main runway, and creating a grass strip were approved and will significantly increase flying choices. At the Christmas breakfast meeting, the 2020 slate of officers was elected: Frank Pickart moved up to President, Lee Rutherford became VP, Larry Goland agreed to stay on as Secretary, and John Carman did the same to remain as Safety Officer, while Jeff Cook joined the officers as Treasurer. BAMS ended the year with 68 members. 2018 BAMS ended 2018 with 67 members. The slate of officers was unchanged from 2017 (after the incumbents were persuaded to continue for another year). In May, BAMS Spring Fun Fly raised $1,250 for the Hill Country Daily Bread, enough to fill half of an 18-wheeler with 15,000 pounds of food. Sadly, very adverse weather caused the cancellation of the Fall Fun Fly. At the field, a shade structure was constructed along with a U-Control circle and some repairs were made to the runway. Longer term plans for runway upgrades and/or repairs were postponed to a later date. Several members took up flying FPV drones and have provided some stunning videos of flying at the field. 2017 The year started with the installation of officers: Les Freund - Pres., Lee Rutherford - V.P., Frank Pickart - Treas., Chris Reed - Sec. (later replaced by Mike Shipman when Chris moved away), and Eldon Harris - S.O. The slate of committee chairmen remained unchanged. After a long history of working with local community service groups and the Boerne Library Foundation, BAMS became an AMA Gold Leader Club this year. In addition, BAMS donated $500 (plus an additional $230 from individual members) toward relief efforts in Seadrift, Texas following hurricane Harvey. The Spring FunFly was a big success resulting in an $1,800 donation to the Library Foundation. The Fall FunFly was a similiar success netting $915. Several large new sunshades were constructed and allow the flightline spectators to comment on their fellow pilots' performance in cool comfort. Dues were increased from $25/year to $40/year. The year ended with BAMS membership at 67 pilots. 2016 BAMS marked its 20th year with a planeload of activities. Some highlights include: the Spring Fun Fly (that raised over $1,000 for SAM'S Kids), BAMS became one of the AMA's Silver Leader Clubs, and we made several significant improvements to the flying field (added a new sun shade building, widened the runway, and added a taxiway). In the community service and education areas, BAMS conducted a program with a local school to raise awareness about aviation, and held a kids "hands on" component to the Fun Fly. The membership also voted to amend the bylaws and constitution to clarify and simplify the wording about voting, add the Safety Officer to the elected officers, and document more clearly the dues policy. In other areas, BAMS official Facebook page was launched, the new website was implemented, and a payment option using PayPal was instituted. All in all, it was a big year for BAMS as the roster grew to 66. 2015 This year, new officers were: George Sheffield - President, Roger Shrank - VP, Frank Pickart - Sec./Treas., Bob Weiss - SO, Christ Tompkins - Field Manager, Jeff Cook - Website, Ron Walter - Historian, Roger Tinder - CE, and Sidney Hipp - Flight Instructor. BAMS met February 27 to discuss the future direction of BAMS and to establish new “Field Search” and “Field Development” committees. New members Tom Murray, Pat Dowdell and Fred Brown were introduced. Club membership stands at 42. All pilots, including visiting pilots, must sign the Kendall County release form in order to fly at field. Roger Tinder held a kids fun-fly at the Nelson Elementary on June 2 in San Antonio. A library kids event was be held on June 27. The second annual BAMS Fun-Fly was held on September 26. Next year is the clubs 20th anniversary which started in August 1996. After the September Fun Fly, $600 plus 340 pounds of dog and cat food was given to the Kendall County Animal Shelter to benefit the shelter and adoption center. The 4th annual December breakfast meeting was held on Saturday, December 5th at the Fair Oaks Ranch Country Club at 9 AM to include spouse or significant other. 2014 In may, BAMS members put on a youth-oriented static display at the Boerne library. BAMS also held a highly successful Fall Fun Fly in October with over 100 attendees. As a result of this, BAMS was able to donate $475 to Kendall County Parks. New signs were creatred to guide the public the the flying field. 2013 This year's new officers were: Wayne Crawford - President, Tim Smith - VP, Frank Pickart - Sec/Tres., and Bob Weiss - SO. A Fun Fly was scheduled for April 6. Creating a new “paved” 29’ X 300’ runway was discussed at the March 2 meeting along with a number of upgrades to the field. BAMS had 31 members. 2012 On July 30, 2012 a Rental/Use Agreement was approved between Kendall County and BAMS officers and subsequently signed by County Judge Gaylan Schroeder and President Chris Tompkins. An annual rent of $250 was to remain in effect until March 31, 2013 and was to be automatically renewed for terms of 12 months. Saturday, August 18 was the official park opening. BAMS had 30 members with Chris Tompkins - President, Jeff Cook - VP and Web Coordinator, Frank Pickart - Sec/Tres, Bob Weiss - Safety Officer, and George Sheffield - FI and ED. On July 16 the BAMS Flying Site Guidelines were revised. 2011 On February 6 Dan Griffin created a draft document to be presented to the Kendall County Park Officials as a Limited Use Agreement between BAMS and Kendall County to George Sheffield, Chris Tompkins, Frank Pickart and Jeff Cook. Dan’s draft was later condensed to a one-page BAMS Limited use Agreement. Park Release Forms were signed and given to Patrick Boyle by Ray Brigham, Brian Christal, Ken Clayburne, Jeff Cook, Ernest Eastwood, Les Freund, Dan Griffin, Sidney Hipp, Doug Knox, Frank Pickart, Tim Rainey, Gary Rockey, Ron Royer, George Sheffield, Rick Stevens, James Surra, Chris and Richard Tompkins, Said Turgutalp and Terry Ullman. On March 4, BAMS President Chris Tompkins presided over a club meeting with Chris, Frank, Dan, George, Jeff, Ken Clayburne, Les Freund, Richard Tompkins, Sidney Hipp and Bob Weiss in attendance. Jeff reported the the new web site was up and running. Chris, Dan and Jeff reported they met with Rick, the Park Director, about the contract with the County. A packet of AMA safety rules and proposed improvements for the field was given to Rick. Contract negotiations were reported to be still in process. A Fun Fly was set for Saturday, April 2 at the field. No other information is available. 2010 On February 20, 2010 BAMS received a certificate of appreciation from Jim Rice, District VIII VP, for service to the AMA and District VIII. BAMS was recognized as a member club that set the standard in excellence when it comes to volunteering time, energy, and talent to serve our great sport. No other information is available. 2009 Ron Royer and George Sheffield continue as President and VP respectively. They were joined by Chris Tompkins as Secretary Treasurer and Sidney Hipp as Safety Coordinator. Other members include: James Branaum, Kenneth Clayburne, Ernest Eastwood, and Alton Gorbett. No other information is available. 2008 Elections this year resulted in: Ron Royer - President, Alton Gorgett - VP, and Ernie Eastwood - Secy/Treasurer. On December 12, President Ron Royer called a meeting at Sely’s Mexican restaurant. In attendance were: Alton, Chris, Doug, Ernie, George, Jim, Ken Clayburne, Sid and Ron Royer. With Ron’s tenure as president ending at the end of 2008 and no one stepping up to take the presidency, plus the absence of volunteers for other offices, Ron was concerned BAMS was near folding. After lunch, Ron recalls Ernie volunteering to be President if Chris would be VP. Things began looking up when, on September 4, Patrick Boyle of the Kendall County Parks and Recreation mailed that everything was being finalized with the court for an official signed lease of the Joshua Springs Park and Preserve flying site. Permission was then given to place a separate BAMS lock on the gates for access to the park and to have a shed to house the riding lawn mower. On November 12, Ron Royer reported in a news release that BAMS has been flying smaller electric models in Boerne due to the loss of their larger flying sight several years ago. Note that Boerne allows BAMS to fly in some athletic fields when there are no other scheduled events. The search for a larger field continues as does the search for additional community service projects. BAMS flew models at Joshua Springs Park during the AdventureFest last June. The club's membership is unknown. 2007 New officers this year: Ron Royer - President, George Sheffield - VP, and Ernest Eastwood - Secretary/Treasurer. An larger Flying Field Search Committee was formed at the February 22 meeting made up of: George Sheffield, John Rheiner, John Pritko, Jeremy Little, and Ron Royer. George Sheffield and Jeremy Little held a meeting with Judge Vogt and supplied information about the AMA, BAMS, BAMS activities and the future. The need to find and develop a flying site was much discussed as was what BAMS could contribute as an organization - with safety being number one. Attended a Public Input meeting on November 7, 2007, to represent the club and identify possible a use of the proposed Kendall County Joshua Springs Park and Preserve as a model airplane flying field. On November 20, 2007 a letter from Kathryn Nichols of the National Park Service, San Marcos thanking club attendees for their enthusiastic and respectful participation in the Joshua Springs public input meeting. BAMS membership level is unknown. 2006 Last years' slate of officers remained in charge: John Rheiner - president, Roger Tinder - VP, and Robert Rogers - Club Contact. The search for a new flying field continued. BAMS had 18 members this year. 2005 Officers elected this year were: John Rheiner - President, Roger Tinder - VP, and Bob Rogers - Secretary-Treasurer. Since 1998 BAMS has leased an area of land from Boerne for access and to use as an area for flying radio models by members and guests. The last negotiated contract was dated January 11, 2000 and expired in January, 2005. Because of the field's proximity to the Water Treatment Plant, noise complaints from some neighbors, and other security concerns, Boerne terminated the lease effective July 30, 2005. A search for a new field was initiated. 2004 New officers for the year were: John Rheiner as President, Roger Tinder as VP, Bob Rogers as Secretary-Treasurer, and Tom Weber as Field Marshal and Safety Manager. Members discussed new possibilities for flying site. Dan Griffins proposed a site on his property. 2003 Brian Christal continued as President, Marc O’Brien as VP and Bob Rogers elected as Secretary-Treasurer and Tom Weber as Field and Safety Officer. In July John Rheiner was selected to replace Marc as VP. BAMS addressed some complaints from annoyed neighbors. Also discussed were concerns about field improvements due to heightened national and local security in response to the war. Discussion continued on prospects of improving the runway. Membership stood at 24 members. 2002 This year's election results were: Gary Rockey, President, Joe Peery, VP, Jo Ann Palmer, Secretary-Treasurer. Monthly meetings were changed to the first Saturday of each month at 9 AM. Brian Christal set up BAMS initial web site at The March “Fun Fly” was a great success. BAMS had 26 members. 2001 This year, Brian Christal was elected as President, Wm. Marc O’Brien V.P., and Jo Ann Palmer Secretary-Treasurer with George Sheffield as Club Safety Officer/Field Marshall. Because of the 9/11 events, a current list of members must be posted at the flying field since the property is in close proximity of the water plant. Ron Royer will direct the club fun fly held in May as a club event with cash prizes for winners in each event. A new lawn mower and shed was purchased. Club President Brian Christal is in contact with Hitec regarding the award of $1,000 for field improvements. In December, $1,000 was received from Hitec. BAMS had 24 members this year. 2000 On January 11, a five year lease was approved by the Boerne City Council meeting. President Dan Griffin, V.P. Jim Caldwell, Secretary Phil Umino and Treasurer Ron Royer were elected to serve as club officers. Gary Rockey assumed the V.P. position later in the year. George Sheffield accepted the position of Field Marshall. The club meetings are now being held at the Daily Grind in Boerne. Bob Altfather and Tony Rodriquez built a first aid station at the field. An invitation sheet handout was developed to encourage visitors and prospective members to visit the Ranger Creek flying site and learn to fly. The final membership meeting was held in concert with a year-end cook out and raffle at the flying field. BAMS membership stood at 25. 1999 Dan Griffin, Jim Caldwell and Ron Royer, on behalf of the club, filed Articles of Incorporation as a self-supporting, non-profit corporation whose purpose is to promote model aviation as a recognized sport and a worthwhile recreational activity; to promote safety in flight and operation of model aircraft; to promote and supervise scientific, educational, sport and contest flying activities; and to promote and participate in civic and community affairs. BAMS was officially incorporated on July 16, 1999. Club officers were President Dan Griffin, V.P. Marvin Huff, Phil Umino, Treasurer Ron Royer along with 20 other members. The new air field adjacent to Ranger Creek Road near the Boerne Lake Water Treatment Plant was unofficially opened on December 17th. Special recognition goes to George Sheffield, Tom Bradley, Ron Royer and Dan Griffin for making the field flight ready. Notably, George made the first flight, Ron the first crash, and Tom the first student flight. The Field Maintenance Officer will publish a monthly field maintenance schedule assigning two members for field care each month. 1998 The club continued meeting the second Tuesday of each month at the La Hacienda restaurant in Boerne. Officers included President Marvin Huff, V.P. Wayne Young, Secretary Phil Umino and Treasurer Troy Hall. Ken Ewald served as editor and Bob Altfather as publisher of the BAMS newsletter “Plane Bits and Pieces”. On February 10, a Valentine’s Day club meeting was set for a special night at PoPo’s restaurant in Comfort. A dues increase was proposed to include a $50 initiation fee and dues of $48 for open members. Junior and Senior member would pay $24. Club participation for a Memorial Day Parade and 4th of July Parade in Boerne was proposed as well as the Grand Opening of the new field on November 14. By the end of 1998, the Club's treasury stood at a lofty $496. 1997 BAMS' flying field moved several times in its early years; sites included: Boerne Lake and the lake's spillway. Some work was apparently done on the field since John Lyon rented a grader in September. Members added: Michael Bowie, Chad Daley, Noah Leuschner, John Lyon, Rick Nevill, E.L. Sanderfer. Dues remained at $20. 1996 The Club’s initial meeting was held in response to an article published in the Hill Country Recorder on July 24, 1996 by Ron Royer. The meeting was held on August 22 at the La Hacienda restaurant in Boerne. A September 11 article in the same paper mentioned that the club had been formed and that 23 people had attended the first meeting. Subsequent records for September 11 showed the founding membership consisted of: Ron Royer, William Lacey, Walter St. James, Bob Breiding, Paul Steiner, George Sheffield, Bob Altfather, Charles Barnett, Bill Powers, Larry Crouch, Troy Hall, Michael Wilson, Dick Sheppard, Mark Brown, Eugen Schluter, Thomas Manley, George Brown, Marie Tehas, Craig Wolf, James Otting, Robb Curt, Kevin Kuhns, and Rob Milan. During its first year, BAMS was known variously as: The Boerne Area Radio Control Club, The Boerne Lakeside Flyers, and finally as The Boerne Area Model Society. It received charter number 3787 from the Academy of Model Aeronautics under the BAMS name. The Club's initial dues were set at $20 for general membership and $10 for seniors.